Facebook Local app was launched in UK in 2018. This app will “Help you plan your night out” by showing you places to eat, drink, dance, and where your mates are going so you don’t get FOMO! The app opens on your Home feed and all the information is crammed into the app’s easy to use search engine, which is located at the top of the screen.

Facebook “Viral Events” for Restaurants

Create Facebook Events and get your Restaurant onto The Facebook Local App. This is the best way to generate Viral Traffic that turns into real Customers, which means loads of new business for your Restaurant!

Here’s how it works: Facebook Local uses your location to show you what’s going on nearby – from places to eat to gigs and events.

There are three icons at the bottom (the Home page, the Discover section, and a Calendar tab).

The app opens on your Home feed, where you can find shortcuts to nearby bars, cafes, restaurants, and attractions, along with where your friends and people you follow are going.

Tap the Discover button to see trending spots on a map, suggestions, and places that are popular with pals.

And, the Calendar tab shows all your invites and RSVPs from Facebook. You can also import events from your phone’s calendar or create new ones.

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