How to communicate with your customers via Facebook Messenger?

Click below to watch a quick 2.5 minute video to learn Why Your Business should use FB Messenger?

Facebook Messenger Ads first became available in November 2016. Facebook Messenger app is popular because of it’s ease of use. Over one billion people in the world communicate through Facebook Messenger. This is where people have conversations with their friends, family, colleagues, etc.

While people may turn off email, skype and everything else, they ALWAYS keep FB notifications on, regardless of device. That little red icon, beep and even visual notification combine to FORCE people to open up.

Get your message into their FB inbox when they click on an ad. What we have here is something that connects to REAL, targeted prospects that are ALREADY engaged in what you have to offer.

Letting you PERSONALLY connect with your most ENGAGED customers to turn one time buyers into lifetime customers.

Are you connecting with your Business’s prospects and customers via Facebook Messenger?

Are your competitors connecting with their / YOUR prospects and customers via Facebook Messenger?

We have the tools and skills to help you to reach your prospects and customers & stay ahead of your competitors!

The app’s popularity makes Facebook Messenger a good place to buy ads, connect with prospects, and talk to customers. The Facebook Messenger open rates and consumption are much higher than emails.

Facebook Messenger isn’t necessarily a replacement to emails. Messenger is better than email, because people tend to respond instantaneously on Messenger, whereas people don’t feel compelled to respond to emails right away. If you see this  on your facebook page, wouldn’t you check to see the message?

Other Facebook Campaigns for Your Business


We will take care of your Facebook Advertising with a complete done-for-you service.

Effective Facebook Advertising takes time and energy to drive value and results. You can skip all that time and jump straight to the results you need with our campaign management service.

Leave it to us maximise the power of laser targeted strategies for success that would:

  • Create Brand Awareness
  • Get More Facebook Page Likes
  • Drive Traffic To Your Website
  • Run a Contest That Attracts Thousands of Entries
  • Get Leads to your Business
  • Build Customer Loyalty
  • Grow Your Email List
  • Launch and Sell Your Latest Products

Our tailored service includes an initial Facebook strategy consultation, competitor audit, campaign timeline and advertising production.

We will make sure your campaigns are effective by actively managing your account, creating high impact ads, laser targeting and rotation.

Depending on your Business’s needs, you will choose one of our customized campaign options that will create ongoing success, launch your new program. Our service includes full laser targeting, optimization, monitoring and reporting.  Let us drive more clients and leads to your business!

Tell us about your needs for your Business and / or arrange a 30 minute free consultation. Contact Us Here.