How To Get Client Leads In Your Local Market

To get what you really want, NEW CLIENTS & SALES

Every locally based business want to improve their local lead generation process. Leads are the life-blood of your marketing efforts. The best salespeople can convert those leads into sales, but without leads even the best sales force on the planet can’t bring you more business.

How much is a Lead worth to You?

What is the lifetime value of a Dental patient …. £12,000 plus?

What is the lifetime value of a Chiropractic patient …….. £8,000 plus?

What is the lifetime value of a Supermarket Customer …….. £125,000 plus?

A Restaurant, Hair Salon, Tanning Salons, Gyms, Pubs, Golf Clubs, etc.

So how much would you pay for a Lead???

Attracting leads is a frustrating and stressful process. It’s also time consuming to get the phone to ring, the email box to fill, etc. There are many approaches, and they all take work and an investment of either time or money or both.

5 easy steps to generate leads:

Step 1: Define your target
Even if you are working within your local geographic area, as long as you live in a reasonably populated area, it is more than likely, there are more businesses in your market than you could ever work with over a lifetime. This abundance of opportunity can often become paralyzing. There are so many options it’s hard to even take the first step.

The best way to reach a goal is to first define it. A group of people that you can get yourself and your message in front of repeatedly.

For marketing and advertising to be effective, you need repetition. If you lack a target, you will do activities that fail to build on one another. They will fail to gain the repetition that you need to be successful.

Step 2: Find out where does your target hang out
Once you’ve defined your target, it’s time to do some research to figure out how you can reach them. This can be both online and offline. You want to build a list of channels that are specific to your target.

Remember, it’s not enough to reach your target customer a single time. You need repetition. Any communication channel that can get their attention or eyeballs on your message is a good thing. Here are some ideas, weekly meetup
association newsletters, conferences, mastermind groups, lead exchanges, online forums, online advertising,etc…
You might also note on each channel what kind of resources it requires to use this channel. Get specific around money and time required. Just because a meetup is free to attend, it still requires two hours to attend, travel time, and the required prep and follow up time. Consider each of your channels so you know what will take the least amount of resources to get the most impact to your lead pipeline.

Step 3: Deliver value
You need to deliver something of high value to your target audience. Value can take a lot of forms:

presentation, email, blog post, e-book, conversation, etc…
Your leads will drastically increase when you are able to deliver high value information through multiple channels and interactions. This begins to create momentum.

Step 4: Get the lead
After you deliver value, you must have a mechanism in place for getting the lead. This is the basic conversion step.

You give me your email address and I would give you something free in return that you are interested in.

an opt-in on the page your article links to
a call to action for a free consultation
a lead form passed out after your presentation for a free eBook
asking for every person’s business card you speak with at an event
getting email address AND phone number on your website contact form
solicit a reply in a newsletter email

Step 5: Give Your customer value first.
It’s not quite time to sell someone. Never sell when you first get a lead. Focus only on delivering high value.

Don’t talk about how much it costs, etc. Your main goal is to get an appointment, not to get a check or to sign a contract. Give more value, 10% off coupon, free videos, etc.

The secret to creating lead generation momentum in your local market is to be consistent and build up repetition. Build trust. The biggest mistake professionals make is shifting their strategy before they get to reap the benefits of momentum.

Option A 

  • Target – Audience Insights
  • Monitor and Refine
  • Weekly ROI Reports
  • 1 Lead Gen Campaign

Option B 

  • Targeting
  • Monitor and Refine
  • Weekly ROI Reports
  • 2 Lead Gen Campaigns

Option C 

  • Target – Audience Insights
  • Monitor and Refine
  • Weekly ROI Reports
  • 3 Lead Gen Campaigns

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