So why Birthdays?
Celebrating birthdays are good for your business and your guests. What makes this work is that people don’t usually dine alone on their birthday. It’s very likely they’re not going to come by themselves. A few may, but most will bring friends and family to celebrate with them.

The Power of Birthday Marketing

Birthday Customers are your MOST VALUABLE Customers!
Birthday guests spend an average of £58 per table and have 3 – 4 people in their party.

Our Proven Campaigns Easily Attract NEW Customers To Your Restaurant day in day out!

  • Target local residents within 1 to 10 miles who are having a birthday in the next 7 days
  • Extend a complimentary birthday meal & invite them to celebrate with friends and family
  • Collect contact info & send birthday voucher and reminder notices via email & mobile SMS

Every single day, there are hundreds of people having a birthday within 10 miles of your restaurant. Why not get them to celebrate at your place instead of your COMPETITOR?

Birthday guests spend an average of £58 ($78)

*The National Restaurant Association is a restaurant industry business association in the United States.

Birthday Marketing + The Power Of Social Media. We have the experience and knowledge to run a birthday marketing program that will bring you new local customers into your Restaurant every week like clock work!

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