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What it takes to earn a £50k personal trainer wage
To begin let’s do some basic calculation.

To achieve a salary of £50k a private Personal Trainer must systematically turnover £4167 per month. A four week vacation equates to £1042 per week or twenty six hours per week, at £40 per hour. If that sounds realistic and realizable for you, then read on. We’ve picked the brains of our leading PTs to pass on some prime business tips that they’d used to boost their financial gain to realize such a salary.

Too many trainers fail time and time to know this basic business idea, potential clients wish to grasp the solution to the question “What’s in it for them?” They may not care one iota whether or not you trained to run the London marathon this year or you are a reality TV personality!

Build your credibility and position yourself as the go-to Personal trainer by regularly updating content with storming testimonials and informative blogs using rich language about your client’s achievements.

Identify key client markets

Identify that key consumer markets you want to service. confirm you’d really get satisfaction from working in this market. Sounds strange? Personal training is a people business and to increase your personal trainer salary and build your business, you need to be passionate about the clients you work with and have the skills to turn their goals into reality. So if strength conditioning and body building is your thing know your market and don’t feel you have to assist every client that enquires!