Want an effective way to market to people who are near you? Establish your business where people are spending their time – Social Media?

Create a mobile-friendly Facebook business Page and connect with your potential customers. You can communicate directly with your customers, help them learn more about your business, offer customer service and advertise your latest promotions and more.

The four things you must know about any Facebook Advertising that you do!

1. How to build an audience of ONLY people who actually WANT what you are selling!

2. How to get more highly-targeted “Likes” and for 50% less than your competitors are spending for the same Fans!

3. Tips to building the highest converting graphics and ad copy!

4. Where to find and interpret ad results and how to make adjustments to dramatically increase performance.

In 2019, every business should focus on mobile, especially businesses with physical locations and a local audience. The old fashioned way was to drop leaflets through people’s  letter boxes. How often do people read these leaflets? let alone take it with them when they leave their homes and act on them?

Mobile is important because people always have their devices by their side. For example, when Dad takes his daughter to netball practice then drop her off at the dance school in another town, he uses Google map on his phone to get directions. Then after dropping her off, he goes to Yelp to find a coffee-house or asks Google or Siri to find the nearest supermarket so he can go shopping. While he waits in line (we Brits love queuing :-)), Dad browses Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and plays a game or catches up on his emails.

Because people are always on their phones, local businesses can attract customers who are looking for information on the go and making immediate decisions. If those people are in or near your area, you can capture their interest and their business with a strong mobile presence.

Facebook Ads

We will create FB ads working with your budget to help you get direct customers to your business online or offline and bring traffic to your doorsteps in real-time.  

You won’t ever have to worry about learning the complicated Facebook advertising platform or worry about creating any ads. We do all of this for you and we will help you find the best converting and winning ads. We Whttps://m.me/PersonalTrainerChatBotill Manage your Facebook ad spend and advertising campaigns

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